CAS CORPORATE FINANCING, in partnership with Sterling TSS, is a service available to meet the business financing needs of our clients across the province.
We work closely with six of the largest banks in the country and private funds managers.

Let us take care of all your financial needs with our efifcient, professional service, while you manage your business. CAS Corporate Financing can contribute to the growth of your business. Your success is our success!

Leveraging their business financing and lease financing experience, our experts can provide a range of financial products, including lease financing, to all healthcare professionals and businesses.



Simple, Fast Process

Lease financing is quite simple and fast. Credit approval and completing related documents is easy.

Cash Flow Optimization

With lease financing, you can keep your cash flow to make the most of the purchasing power of your operating or capital budget and overcome budget restrictions.

No Down Payments

Unlike most conventional financing methods, there are no initial instalments.

No Advance Tax Payments

You only pay the GST and PST on the amount of lease rental, without making any advance payments of taxes on the overall cost of equipment.

Credit Line Optimization

You keep your invaluable cash flow and lines of credit to fund the growth of your business.

Income Tax Saving Opportunities

In most cases, lease financing generates income tax savings.

Staggered Payment Profits

You establish the cost of the equipment in current dollars and pay the equipment gradually, also in current dollars, while you use the equipment. You can add equipment and accessories at a slight monthly cost.

Income and Expense Balance

You can balance income and expenses by paying the equipment gradually while you use it to generate income or protect your profits.

In the ever-changing dynamics of today’s world economy, CAS CORPORATE FINANCING’s vision of success is to be by your side to contribute to the growth of your business.

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